Even though the main reason of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) for working abroad is to earn more money, for most of them sometimes their monthly salary is just not enough. In most cases, they are having a hard time saving for unexpected events, like when they get demoted to a lower position or even sent home. So, what would happen if they will not have any savings at all? This is where the OFW business opportunities come in.

OFW business opportunities are the kind of opportunities that can help in creating additional income for overseas workers as they work abroad. For such jobs, it would suffice to invest a few hours every day before or after the start of the OFW’s primary work. Such business opportunities include the following:

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OFW Business Opportunity#1 : Real Estate – There are actually two ways in which an individual can earn extra income from real estate. He can easily become a real estate agent and then earn commissions by selling properties to his fellow overseas Filipino worker. The fact is that the majority of OFWs are purchasing real estate properties in order to save up for their future, which is actually a good investment.

OFW Business Opportunity#2 : Network Marketing – Even though there are a lot of existing MLM businesses these days, network marketing can still be considered as a good investment. It is a good business opportunity because it is a low risk capital investment, it can be done part time while working abroad, it can be easily marketed online, and it can also be shared with other OFWs to help them earn extra cash. Moreover, it can help in developing social skills as well.

OFW Business Opportunity#3 : Stock Market – Though many would perceive investing in the stock market as a complicated process that is difficult to understand, the reality is that it’s not really that taxing. One can begin to invest in the stock market even while working abroad any time. He can check his stock investments online and take control of it, given the right strategies.